HR Meeting

Human Resource Consulting in Ithaca, NY

Get help with complicated human resource issues from BD Consulting, Inc. We can assist you with compensation, benefits, account management, payroll services, and more. Let us be your strategic partner, providing a unified focus and building trust. We address critical challenges and unpack solutions, helping to facilitate client engagement.

HR Solutions

Dr. Dickens encourages diversity and inclusion in all workplaces and with all coaching. We help organizations make paradigm shifts from what used to be personnel to the current human resources and human capital solutions. Internal structural reviews and optimizations are conducted to align HR to your organization's needs strategically.

Human Resource Consulting in Ithaca, NY

Custom Engagements

A wide range of custom engagements are available, based on your need. We are a proven motivator and change agent, providing transformational leadership as we help organizations and leaders to get unstuck.

Presentations on general themes of motivation, bold leadership, creativity, social awareness, and more, will help aid your team. Our consultations bridge the gap between theory and practice, dealing with:

  • Recruitment
  • Analytics
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Automatization
  • Visionary Leadership


We are people-centered and believe in empowerment. Shared visions have a stabilizing effect and prepare organizations for the future. The importance of clear, focused leadership is always a central theme.