Executive management continues to become more complex, and sometimes leaders need help refocusing their energy and organizing the tasks that need to be completed. BD Consulting, Inc. will help you think differently with coaching and leadership consulting services tailored to your unique needs. Your organization will flourish with our hands-on approach.


Learn how to deliver bold leadership within your organization. We focus on the future and help you meet your goals with broad, inclusive leadership.

Watch your leadership thrive with strategic thinking and new relationship building skills. BD Consulting, Inc. builds trust, shows compassion, and creates stability. Balanced feedback is essential when coming up with a plan that covers readiness for change. By assessing your current management system, we can reduce heavy leadership loads.

Executive Coaching

Become a more effective leader with personalized executive coaching. With simple, yet powerful communication you will learn to think comprehensively about issues. Our background in counseling allows us to engage in meaningful dialogue and provide calming discourse, even in a chaotic environment. We have a high level of accountability and create strong relationships with clients.

Executive Coaching in Ithaca, NY

Higher Education for Senior Leaders

Our team has a high level of accountability with the experience to help you succeed. Dr. Dickens has served on a number of boards and has formed conclusive thoughts on leadership. We offer a student-focused emphasis on experiential learning and reaching development goals.